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    Self-Empowerment Life Coach for Women

    I don't know if I need a Coach!

    You’re in the right place if you are asking this question! No matter where you are in your life journey, sometimes it’s important to pause, and ask yourself: 

    • am I thriving?
    • am I confident about my decisions?
    • do I have a clear path forward?
    • am I living to my full potential?

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    MOSTLY A's — The Big Leap!

    Ask your coach to help you: Look at your life balance—are you relaxing and having enough fun? How could you enjoy working toward your goals more? Is there an easier way to achieve your goals? Your coach may also help you connect to yourself: What’s most important to you in life? How do you want to feel once you’ve completed this goal? Is this goal what you really want or is it for someone else? Where do you sabotage your “self”? Or your coach may take a different approach and ask you to stretch your goal to make it even bigger—MORE exciting goals can sometimes help us achieve things even faster 

    MOSTLY B's — The Middle Way!

    Ask your coach to help you: Get super clear on why you want your goals—so you’re inspired to take action! Make a plan, get committed and take regular action. Also ask your coach to help you identify where you self-sabotage and put steps in place for when you go off-track. If you’re stuck in your comfort zone, ask your coach to stretch you and help you find new, exciting directions. If your ‘comfort’ zone is constantly rushing around (eg. where overwhelm is normalized), ask your coach to help you with life balance, getting more organized and saying no. Your coach may also look at things like what zaps your time and energy and creating positive, healthy habits to make you more effective in body and mind.

    MOSTLY C's — Small Steps…

    Ask your coach to help you: Get to know yourself and what you want from life. What makes your heart sing? Even if your time and energy is limited, your coach can help you identify goals that truly inspire you. You can also ask your coach to help you break your goals down into measurable steps and create an action plan that works, holding you accountable and celebrating progress. Your coach may also help you look at limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits, your lifestyle, life balance and values as well as encourage you to think bigger so you can have a life you’re really excited about. 

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    Find your purpose.

    Know what you want. 

    Take responsibility.

    Take action.

    Empower others.

    You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously – Steve Maraboli

    Learn to LIVE your life to your fullest potential!


    Learn to pause; BE PRESENT in your life.


    CONNECT with your true authentic self and SHINE!